Saxmundham Neighbourhood Plan

Draft Local Plan

Inspector proposes to keep South Sax “Garden Neighbourhood” plan, but safeguard The Layers


The Planning Inspector who is checking the District Council's draft Local Plan for "soundness" has provisionally backed local calls to safeguard The Layers - the open area to the south... more...

Local Plan outcome – we’re still waiting!


It's now nearly 2 months since "Saxmundham Day" (5th September) at the Local Plan Public Examination of the district council's draft Local Plan... We still await the Inspector's report, saying... more...

Local Plan Public Hearing – this Thursday 5th September is Saxmundham Day – come and join us!


This coming Thursday morning - 5th September - is "Saxmundham morning" at the Local Plan Public Examination, starting 9.30 a.m. This is when the Planning Inspector will ask questions and... more...

“Save Our Sax – Rethink the Plan” – our message as Public Examination into District Council’s Local Plan opens on Tuesday 20th August


On Tuesday (20th August) a Planning Inspector starts the formal Public Examination of the Local Plan, proposed by Suffolk Coastal District Council.  This Plan has huge implications for Saxmundham, with... more...

Household Questionnaire: thanks for your support, and last call for sending them back to us!


Thanks so much to the over 520 households who have to date filled in and sent back the questionnaires we delivered by hand around a month ago.  This represents roughly... more...