Saxmundham Neighbourhood Plan

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Planning-related documents

September 2020: The Adopted Suffolk Coastal Local Plan (adopted 23rd September 2020 by East Suffolk Council) – for Saxmundham-specific policies, see p.292 on.  For the Saxmundham policy map (which forms part of the Plan), click here and go to Map 53 .

September 2020: Planning Inspector’s report (dated 8th September) on the examination of the Suffolk Coastal Local Plan – includes references to South Saxmundham Garden Neighbourhood policy at p.29.

August 2019: The District Council’s Document Library, from which you can download the Final draft Local Plan, and many other documents relevant to the Plan.

August 2019: This link is to the written Hearing Statements from a large number of interested parties, including Saxmundham Town Council, in preparation for the Public Examination hearings.

January 2019: The “final draft” of Suffolk Coastal District Council’s Local Plan, out for public consultation till 25th February 2019.  You can link to it – and find out how to make representations – from here    The Saxmundham Strategy section of the Plan starts at  p.270.

November 2018: The 2nd draft of Suffolk Coastal District Council’s new Local Plan can be linked to from here (see links to Agenda Item 4).  2nd part (from Chapter 12) includes Saxmundham-specific section from p.275.

For links to current (due to be replaced) Suffolk Coastal District Local Plan and current review:

For links to 2013 Local Plan documents: click here

Core Strategy & Development Management Policies (July 2013)

Site Allocations and Area Specific Policies Development Plan Document (January 2017)  (See pages 83-85 re Saxmundham town centre policies)

Suffolk Coastal D.C. Consultation document, re-opening Local Plan process (summer 2017)

National Planning Policy Framework (2019): 

Government White Paper on Housing, February 2017

Advice on Neighbourhood Plans

Suffolk County Council: Guidance on Neighbourhood Planning in Suffolk

Locality: Neighbourhood plans roadmap 2018 – guide by Dave Chetwyn

Locality – guidance on possible funding for NPs for Technical Support

Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE): Landscape Issues in Your Neighbourhood

Government advice, including for NPs, on Conserving and enhancing the historic environment

Demographic data and surveys for Saxmundham area

Suffolk Observatory – population and demographic data for parish of Saxmundham – population to mid 2019 (from ONS data), some data used is from 2011 census – click on ‘parish’ in left-hand dropdown box, then Saxmundham in right-hand box

Navigus – Saxmundham socio-economic profile (mainly drawn from 2011 census)

Saxmundham Parish Local Area Report (2011 census data): 

Saxmundham Ward Local Area Report – also 2011 census data (this covers parishes of Saxmundham, Kelsale-cum-Carlton and Theberton. The ward has since changed and covers Saxmundham, Kelsale, Benhall and Sternfield): 

Saxmundham stats report  Rural community profile for Saxmundham, Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) Rural evidence project, November 2013

Hidden Needs Report 5 Years on (2011-2016) from University of Suffolk for Suffolk Community Foundation (includes some interactive maps which can isolate data for Saxmundham, but n.b. Saxmundham area may differ depending on data source)


Saxmundham Neighbourhood Plan & Town Council documents

June 2020: Report on the results of the Saxmundham town household survey 2019 – “The future of Saxmundham – the voice of our residents report June 2020” with Household survey summary of results and two Appendices with detailed comments from residents, NPHousehold Survey Text A to E and NPHousehold Survey Text F and G

August 2019: Hearing Statements from Saxmundham Town Council to the Planning Inspector for the Public Examination: Response to Inspector Matters 1 and 2    and  Response to Inspector Qs on Matter 3

February 2019: Written representations from Saxmundham Town council to the final draft Local Plan: Response for STC to Local Plan 19 Feb

January 2019 – results of survey of 135 school students by Sax Free School students, presented to NP Steering Group 23 Jan 2019 Free School Students Survey result

Public meeting on Future of the Town Centre & Local Economy, at Market Hall, 1st November 2018, Summary of points made by groups and individuals: Notes of town centre meeting 1 nov by theme JS

Drop-in Saturday session at the Market Hall, 14 July 2018 Notes taken at Neighbourhood Plan Drop-in session 14 July

Public meeting on Housing, at Market Hall, 27 June 2018 NP public meeting_ Housing 27.06.18 LJ 

Summary of NP Public Meeting key comments by theme – main issues for Saxmundham, as expressed at public meeting at Free School on 4th November 2017 (about 100 people present)

The same but also including a longer list of points recorded by each table/group in the course of discussion: Final Summary of 4 Nov 2017 Public Meeting

Key points arising from meeting of community activists held in Market Hall on 4th September 2017  – also main issues for Saxmundham, as expressed by a smaller group (about 30)

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Some Neighbourhood Plans from other towns

State of progress – East Suffolk Neighbourhood Plans





Stradbroke (submission draft – not yet approved)


Formal documents for Saxmundham Neighbourhood Plan

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