Saxmundham Neighbourhood Plan

Have Your Say – our questionnaire is being delivered to every household – please send us your response!

Thursday, May 30th, 2019 9:24 pm

If all goes to plan (cross fingers), by this Sunday (2nd June) nearly all residents of Saxmundham should have received the “Have your say” questionnaire.  We are aiming to hand deliver it to every household.  That’s around 2,200 homes, so it’s a big task for our volunteer team.

The questionnaire seeks YOUR views, everyone’s views, on a whole range of issues, such as housing, the community services we need, how to improve the town centre, local public transport and more.  It will take about 10 minutes to fill in, per person.   We are asking to get them back by 21st June, if at all possible.

If we can get a good (i.e. large) response, the results will strengthen the case for Saxmundham in the up-coming public examination of the District Council’s local plan, e.g. on the location and size of new housing, as well as design.  It will also be of great help in drawing up the Saxmundham Neighbourhood Plan.   Once finalised, the Neighbourhood Plan has to be voted on by residents in a local referendum, so it is vital we know what most residents think about key issues.

Enclosed with the questionnaire, you will find a Freepost envelope, which allows you to post the form back to us once you have filled it in, without cost to yourselves.

The survey is designed so that up to 4 members of one household can complete it.  It is mainly a tick-box survey, but you can write in your own ideas etc.  There is no lower age limit – it can be filled in by anyone interested (and our young people are the future!)

If your household is larger than 4 persons and you need more copies, we can provide them (see the phone number and email address on the form).  We will also provide an online form on this website that can be downloaded and filled in.

There are some general questions about your household, but none that will identify you or your home.  The main purpose of these is to try to ensure we get a good cross-section of our community.