Saxmundham Neighbourhood Plan

Household survey – pdf of our questionnaire you can fill in online

Thursday, June 6th, 2019 11:56 am

As promised, we now have a pdf of our questionnaire which can be downloaded, filled in, saved, and sent back to us attached to your email.  If you use this means, please send it to us at 

Last weekend, volunteers delivered the paper version of the questionnaire to over 2,000 homes in Saxmundham.  We have provided a Freepost envelope for sending back the completed forms, no need to add a stamp…  (If you live in Sax and have not got your survey, please contact us urgently and we will get you one)

Some may prefer to use the online form instead (but please don’t do both!), which you can download here:

First, the interactive version (you can fill it in yourself in the boxes):

Sax Household Survey Interactive 

Or if you prefer for printing, the original non-interactive version:

Q survey final version May 

Do you live near but not in Saxmundham & want to give your input?

We have had quite a number of queries from people living in neighbouring villages – Kelsale, Knodishall, Benhall etc. – asking if they can fill in the questionnaire, as they use Saxmundham as their local centre for lots of things, and would like to make their contribution.  Our Neighbourhood Plan for Saxmundham has by law to be limited to the parish, as (way back) Kelsale and Benhall parish councils did not want to do a joint NP.  So we need to ensure that we in particular can get and analyse the views of Saxmundham residents.

However, we of course recognise that Saxmundham provides services to a wider catchment area, so we would welcome views from those living nearby.  To do this, please:

  1. download and fill in the form – you can either (a) print it, answer the Qs and send it back to us, or (b) fill it in online and return it by email (address below)
  2. if you are doing it online, ignore the question (A.1) on which area of Saxmundham you live in, but state in your covering email, or in the final box (G.1) which parish you live in; or
  3. If you download and print the questionnaire, you can write on it the name of your parish of residence
  4. Then fill it in and send it back to us (a) by email to; or (b) by post to the address on the form.

If you are minded to print it, beware, it is quite a long document!  If you live outside Saxmundham, you will also need to provide envelope and stamp as we can’t offer Freepost.

The questionnaires are anonymous, and if you email the completed questionnaire to us, we will print it off and only use the paper (printed) version which does not identfy you.

We will keep a separate account of all non-Saxmundham returns.

Thanks everyone !