Saxmundham Neighbourhood Plan

Key issues facing Saxmundham – as seen by public meeting last November

Thursday, April 12th, 2018 4:39 pm

With apologies, because we’ve been a bit slow here, we have finally sorted into “themes” the main comments made at the large public meeting held back in November last year at the Free School, with around 100 residents in attendance.  There is a longer note of what was said, which you can see in the “Useful links” section of this site, but for ease of reference, here are the main points made in the final session, after discussions in smaller groups.  This will help to inform the next stages (but please note these are points made, and do not claim to be points agreed by everyone, though some key issues, you will see, recurred and reflect a widely held view).

General points on Plan

  • A Neighbourhood Plan can only be a good thing.
  • SCDC Local Plan will take precedence until Saxmundham NP is complete.
  • The developed Plan needs to be Long-term not Short fix.
  • Look at a holistic infrastructure, education, roads, activities.

Improving communication

  • Contact from the centre lacking (Saxmundham Town Council and SCDC).
  • Saxmundham needs more joined-up communications and coordination.
  • Too much misinformation, the town needs to be better informed from the centre.

Key points for Saxmundham’s future

  • Turn Saxmundham into a destination town.
  • Saxmundham needs new business and employment.
  • Young people – the next generation need to be provided for.
  • There isn’t enough employment – decide dormitory town or working community.
  • Is Saxmundham a dormitory town, a local community with employment opportunities or a heritage town which is attractive to visitors?
  • Think about the impact of Sizewell C.
  • The railway station is a blot on the landscape and a very poor introduction to Saxmundham [point made before station building burnt!]

Town Centre issues

  • The Town Centre needs to change.
  • No through traffic in High street will be beneficial and make a difference.
  • Parking is a massive issue in Saxmundham.
  • Shops need to be open longer – tax incentives to do so.
  • The White Hart opening is key to a vibrant high street.
  • The developed Plan needs to be Long-term not Short fix.
  • Pedestrianisation of the high street.
  • Derelict buildings needs to be addressed – particularly the White Hart.
  • Introduction of sustainable businesses – not so at present.
  • How to go about town centre regeneration.

Housing & infrastructure

  • More affordable housing for local people needs to be provided.
  • Use developers as leverage to build community structures.
  • The infrastructure doesn’t and won’t support increased housing.
  • Why doesn’t Saxmundham attract more CIL than it does currently given the additional houses already built.
  • Traffic congestion, too much housing, no services.

Public and community services, leisure & recreation

  • Doctors and Dentists at maximum capacity.
  • Primary education is at maximum capacity.
  • Youth Facilities still inadequate.
  • Saxmundham needs a central Community Centre.
  • Sports Club is run by a Trust not the community and this needs to change.
  • Saxmundham needs a sports hall to encourage good health for the whole community
  • Carlton Sports club is run by a trust and the town does not have much input to what is offered
  • Develop a Memorial field long-term plan.
  • There are no social facilities or open spaces.
  • To spend 2 million pounds on the Market Hall isn’t worth it, there are greater priorities for Saxmundham.
  • Saxmundham needs a sports hall to encourage good health for the whole community


  • The town requires Cycleways.
  • Saxmundham suffers from Wildlife decline – more green space needed.

Transport & mobility (often overlaps with Town Centre)

  • Public Transport, particularly buses requires coordination.
  • Bus services are inadequate.
  • Parking is a massive issue in Saxmundham.
  • More cycle ways and walkways needed.
  • Traffic lights are inadequate, as is parking.
  • Traffic management is severely lacking as is parking.
  • New roads – by pass required.
  • Highways always say no to increasing road infrastructure.
  • The three junctions onto the A12 are cheap and shoddy solutions

Public safety

  • Traffic speed in town is unacceptable.
  • Has anyone addressed emergency evacuation in the event of accidental release of radioactive waste?