Saxmundham Neighbourhood Plan

The state of the Station – join the Town Council meeting on Monday to give your views!

Thursday, July 4th, 2019 8:30 pm

Since Saxmundham Station was so severely damaged by fire in February last year – now 17 months ago – it has been in a terrible state.  We were given assurances that there were plans for at least a set of basic renewal works, to start round about March this year.  Four months on, zilch.  The building is looking as bad as ever, made worse by large publicity posters from Abellio Greater Anglia.

From the responses to our Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire to date, it is evident that a huge number of residents feel that the state of the Station is both deplorable and unacceptable.  There also seems to be strong support for a wider regeneration of the widere area around the Station. 

This coming Monday evening, 8th July, at 7.15 p.m. at the Market Hall, the Town Council has set aside time for a public discussion on the State of the Station.  This is intended to be just the start of a campaign to ensure we get action. If you feel strongly about the way the Station has been left, please join us and give your views.

The Town Council’s Chair, Cllr Jeremy Smith, yesterday wrote to the chief executives of Abellio Greater Anglia and Network Rail to set out our concerns, to seek reasons for the delay, and to offer future cooperation in looking for a wider regeneration of the station area. 

“For the last 17 months, the station has remained in a truly appalling condition, which is the subject of universal dismay and growing anger that – to date – there has been no progress shown in restoring the building, if not to its former glory, then at least to a good functional and attractive state.  It is frankly damaging to the image and character of our town, and we feel brings discredit to those who hold the responsibility and obligations of ownership of what should be a public-serving asset.

…It would therefore be most helpful if you or your officers are able to provide us urgently with information on the current plans for the building and surrounds, and for any explanation on the apparent slippage in the programme.  We would also welcome any reaction to our offer to co-operate with you on a strategy for regeneration of the wider area including the station and its immediate surrounds, which we would hope may lead to wider social, environmental and economic benefits for all concerned.”

Here are the letters to Abellio GA and Network Rail:

Letter J Burles Abellio GA

Letter A Haines Net Rail